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Primary Computing

All our courses are being run remotely this term, bursaries are available to state-funded schools to participate in courses during the day.  The course fee is £35 but bursaries are available at £220 per day (1 bursary per school in a given academic year).  Each course is made up of live facilitator-led sessions and gap tasks.

Summer Term Courses

Course Start Date Booking Link
Introduction to Primary Computing Thursday 20th May 2-3pm Link
Teaching & Leading KS2 Computing Module 1 Monday 7th June 11-12:30pm Link
Teaching & Leading KS1 Computing Module 1 Monday 21st June 1-2:30pm Link

Introduction to Primary Computing (CL454E03)

Computing in primary schools is a practical, creative and knowledge-rich subject. This course provides teachers with the knowledge and confidence to get started on the journey to outstanding computing in your school, whether you’re a subject coordinator or another interested teacher.

Sessions: 20th May, 27th May, 10th June & 17th June all 2-3pm

Teaching & Leading Key Stage 2 Computing Module 1 (CL450E03)

This CPD, seeks to broaden understanding across the whole computing curriculum. This course demystifies computers, develops understanding of data fundamentals such as binary, and shows how the parts of a computer system handle this data to carry out useful tasks. You will strengthen your knowledge of computer networks, including the Internet and technologies, such as search engines and email that make use of it.

Sessions: 7th June 11-12:30pm, 14th June 11-11:45am, 21st June 11-11:30am & 28th June 11-11:30am

Teaching & leading Key Stage 1 Computing Module 1 (CL452E02)

This CPD aims to give you confidence in teaching the whole of the key stage 1 computing curriculum.  By unpicking the curriculum you’ll gain a clear vision of the expectations for this key stage. You will develop your knowledge of computers in all their forms, as well as the benefits and the risks associated with connecting them across the Internet. You'll also discover easy-to-implement and age-appropriate data collection, analysis and sharing methods and projects.

Sessions:  Monday 21st June 1-2:30pm, Monday 28th June 1-2pm, Monday 5th July 1-2pm