Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance

Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST)

Do you teach Secondary/Core Maths, Physics or MFL and are not a specialist in the subject?

A free and flexible Teacher Subject Specialism Training course could increase your subject knowledge and confidence. You will meet and learn with teachers in the same position.

Would you like to upskill in Maths, Physics or MFL?

Secondary teachers are sometimes required to teach a non-specialist subject. Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) can help. The training is delivered by experience subject teachers and training is free. If you are already teaching or would like to teach Secondary/Core Maths, Physics or MFL an are not a specialist in these subjects then a TSST course could benefit you and your school.

Do you want to return to teaching?

Teachers who want to return after a career break to teach secondary/core maths, physics or MFL can access free Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST). Register for one-to-one support from a DFE return to teaching advisor either by calling the Return to Teaching helpline on 0800 085 0971, or online at

If any of the above apply to you then you may be able to enrol on this DFE funded Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST)

The aim of the programme is to support staff to improve their subject knowledge to Higher GCSE and level 3 standard appropriate for teaching Maths, MFL and Physics qualifications.

The Programme:

The format of the programme will be 7 sessions including a mop-up (Physics and Maths) over the course of the year where tutors will support participants with content and pedagogy. In between the sessions participants will have the support of a tutor to deepen their understanding of the ideas.

MFL is a bespoke programme offering 1:1 support. Languages supported through this programme are: French, Spanish and German. Sessions can be conducted via computer (Skype), telephone or face to face.

There will be a MFL TSST Induction session on: Monday 14th October 2019 at The Keyworth Centre, LN6 0EP.

DATES FOR 2019-20

Physics Programme:

Session Date
1 Wednesday 6th November 2019
2 Thursday 5th December 2019
3 Tuesday 21st January 2020
4 Tuesday 25th February 2020
5 SESSION POSTPONED - Thursday 19th March 2020
6 SESSION POSTPONED - Tuesday 28th April 2020
Mop-up session SESSION POSTPONED - Thursday 21st May 2020


Sessions will be held at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy, LN6 0EP and run from 2.00pm - 5.00pm




Secondary Maths Programme:

Session Date
1 Wednesday 13th November 2019
2 Thursday 12th December 2019
3 Tuesday 28th January 2020
4 Wednesday 4th March 2020
5 SESSION POSTPONED - Tuesday 31st March 2020
6 SESSION POSTPONED - Wednesday 6th May 2020
Mop-up session Thursday 4th June 2020


Sessions will be held at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy, Lincoln, LN6 9AF and run from 2.00pm - 5.00pm