Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance

Early Career Teacher Programme

Audience: Teachers in their NQT year or second year of teaching. A programme of 6 sessions.


Lincoln Cohort

The Keyworth Centre, Lincoln, LN6 0EP, 3-5pm

Boston Cohort

Boston High School (#1,3,5) & Boston Grammar School (#2,4,6), 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Introduction - early career expectations Thursday 19th September 2019 Thursday 26th September 2019
Behaviour Management - consistency, high expectation and motivation Monday 7th October 2019 Wednesday 16th October 2019
Pedagogy - what cognitive science tells us and what it means for my teaching Tuesday 5th November 2019 Monday 11th November 2019
Pedagogy - adaptive Teaching Wednesday 15th January 2020 Wednesday 22nd January 2020
Curriculum - subject knowledge review and literacy teaching Thursday 5th March 2020 Thursday 12th March 2020
Assessment - feedback for quality learning Thursday 18th June 2020 Wednesday 24th June 2020

Intent: To provide early career teachers in the first two years of their career with:

  • high quality, structured support in order to begin the journey towards becoming an expert
  • the tools to contribute to the development of knowledge, practices and working habits to set participants up for a fulfilling and successful career in teaching.

Implementation: The programme will:

  • be delivered through a workshop approach which will review research and best practice to enhance knowledge in each of the four domains
  • provide practical ideas for skill development
  • thread the theme of professional behaviours and identity through the programme
  • evaluate the evidence base through critical thinking and embed reflective practices to develop their expertise
  • establish a supportive network of colleagues at similar career stages and so work collaboratively to improve specific areas of their own practice.

Impact: Following the event, early career teachers will have an increased understanding of: the best available evidence of behaviour management; pedagogy; curriculum and assessment and have developed their own skills and professional behaviours.