Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance

Commissioned Training Sessions

We offer a programme of professional development sessions that Governors/Trustees can commission.  These sessions are 90 minutes and are delivered by a Leader of Governance. 

Professional Development Units:

  • Focus on the Core Purpose of Governance
  • Focus on SEND
  • Focus on Safeguarding
  • Focus on Governor Visits to School
  • Focus on Securing Value for Money
  • Running Effective Panels
  • Preparing for Ofsted
  • Focus on the New Lincolnshire LA syllabus for RE

Governing Boards can also commission training focused on topics not covered by the core units, examples of these could be:

  • Monitoring the Curriculum
  • Effective use of pupil performance data
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Restructuring governance within a MAT context
  • The role of governing bodies in relation to heath and safety
  • Performance management and pay determination  

Cost:                            £500 per session*

Venue/Dates:            To be selected by the school, with the Leader of Governance

These sessions provide a great opportunity for your school/academy to liaise with and share the costs with other local schools within your surrounding area or networks that you may be involved with. 

To request training, please click here and complete the Training Request Form.    

*Please note that the cost of delivering a session is £500 irrespective of group size. A maximum of 25 governors per session is recommended.