Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance

About LTSA

The Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance (LTSA) is an alliance of  secondary schools across Lincolnshire who work together collaboratively in improving outcomes for students. LTSA was accredited by the NCTL and commenced operation in 2013.


What is needed at a school level

  • Schools need to be able to make informed decisions
  • Schools need a network of challenge and support to help them to rationalise the nature of their need and to be proactive in meeting the demands they face
  • School improvement will only occur where there is shared ownership
  • Provision needs to enable schools to grow their own pedagogical and leadership capacity
    • A supply of high quality new entrants to the profession
    • Access to an evidence informed CPD offer building the Human, Social and Decisional capital of staff


How it happens

  • Teaching schools are the focal point for national school improvement
  • Rationalising improvement on a wider scale generates capacity and value
  • At provision level this involves tri-partite ownership of the improvement process: self, facilitator and school. At staff level this means reflecting on learning and engaging with professional development


What LTSA needs to be effective

  • LTSA must have the capacity to be a proactive and responsive organisation – LTSA must respond to the different contexts and localities in which its member schools work
  • LTSA should improve year-on-year through reflection on its work and rigorous challenge
  • The work of LTSA should be viewed through the lens of the LTSA beliefs
  • School need should inform what LTSA does, its members should have a stakeholder voice and LTSA will be guided by informed voice


How to effectively support LTSA

  • Shared capacity increases the overall capacity of the system for improvement
  • Organisations at all levels improve more effectively if they collaborate
  • Capacity and reasons for staff to engage in improvement vary but should not preclude engagement


What outcomes will look like if the beliefs are realised

  • High quality trainees are entering the profession through LTSA SCITT
  • SCITT trainees and mentors are clear that their training is high quality
  • Schools are able to meet their recruitment needs
  • Early career teachers are well supported, their subject knowledge is strong and continues to develop and they are retained within the profession
  • There is a network of challenge and support which helps schools to rationalise their needs and be pro-active in meeting them
  • Teachers and leaders develop new skills and increase capacity and can identify the impact of this on the quality of education they provide
  • School improvement flows directly from shared ownership
  • Our provision enables schools to increase their capacity

Schools are able to make informed decisions which benefit from raised expectations and rigorous, constructive challenge


Initial Teacher Training:

LTSA has a major focus on the recruitment and training of new teachers through its SCITT programme.


LTSA aims to provide a career development structure to ensure that teachers are supported at each stage of their career. Our ethos is one in which all schools contribute to the portfolio of training opportunities for the mutual benefit of all.

We offer a wide range of CPD courses and events, details of which can be found on our CPD page.

School to School:

LTSA places a strong focus on the importance of providing for the needs of schools and individuals in terms of specific face-to-face support. The focus for the alliance is on the continued improvement of secondary education in Lincolnshire. As such, we work closely with our partners to improve student outcomes through creative and sustainable means. Please see further details on the School to School page.

Science Learning Partnership:

LTSA coordinates and manges the Lincolnshire Science Learning Partnership (SLP), which provides quality, subject-specific continuous professional development (CPD) for primary and secondayr schools in the area. It is a part of a network of SLPs and other support for schools that is managed by STEM Learning. For further details please take a look at our SLP page.

Rooted in Reading:

Rooted in Reading is a flexible reading for pleasure promotion programme. It encourages students of all ages, from pre-school to A level, to read widely and to spend a little time reflecting on what they have gained from their reading. For further details or to order please see our RiR page.

Becoming an Alliance Member:

There are many benefits of being part of a Teaching School, we have highlighted these in our School Improvement Guide. If you are interested in learning more, please click the link for our enquiry form and this will generate a call to the identified member of SLT from LTSA.