Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance

Anita: It hasn't been an easy year, but it's definitely been a rewarding one...


“It hasn’t been an easy year, but it’s definitely been a rewarding one and I don’t regret a thing!”


It’s May half term and there is just one more term to go; I can’t believe how fast the year has flown by. Almost 9 months ago, I was a nervous and timid trainee teacher in my main school placement… fast forward to today; I am teaching my class all day, every day and am lucky enough to have a job lined up ready for September!


Training with the LTSA has given me a wealth of hands-on experience and opportunities to best prepare me for my teaching career. The day-to-day experience of being in school allows you to become familiar with what being a teacher is really all about. Not only do you get experience in the classroom, you also get to experience parents evenings, assemblies, school trips, staff meetings, training days, peer review inspections and more!


Although all of that might sound a bit intimidating, the course allows trainees to take on more responsibility when it best suits them, so it really is tailored to suit your needs as a trainee, whatever your previous experience! As well as teaching a Year 5/6 class, my second school placement allowed me to teach in a Reception/Year 1/Year 2 class for six weeks. This was such a big change, but the school made me feel very welcome and I soon got into a ‘KS1 mindset’ and used the opportunity to build upon my ‘teacher toolkit’.

The support that I have had throughout the course has been outstanding! The course allows you and other trainees in your hub to come together on a Friday for various training sessions, and the support network there has been amazing. We have all helped each other get through the year - I hope I will be lucky enough to consider them friends for life. My school-based mentor has been my rock throughout the year, mentoring me in all aspects of teacher life. There have been many times that we have rejoiced together, when the children have made outstanding progress or when one of my PT visits have gone well; and there have been a few times where we have cried together and stuffed our faces with chocolate to make everything better! It hasn’t been an easy year, but it’s definitely been a rewarding one, and I don’t regret a thing! One more term to go everyone – bring it on!