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Gary: An Incredible Learning Experience

An incredible learning experience…

I feel I was fairly well versed in the ways of education before embarking upon the SCITT programme due to several years previous experience within education settings and two years as a teaching assistant, however I have learned an incredible amount that I hadn’t even thought about with regards to teaching. Now this may all sound a little scary…however, it is actually an incredibly rewarding experience!!

I think it’s fair to say that everyone was nervous about the course and role they were about to undertake at the start of the year, but you soon get to realise that everyone in your training group is worrying about the same things and this becomes a solid support network. This combined with being given the wonderful opportunity of working with two fabulous mentors in two different schools, has given me the support and confidence to be the best I can be  and inspired a real desire to further the learning of all pupils to reach their full potential and beyond (lets face it…this is the reason we all aspire to become teachers!!).

For me, the SCITT route into teaching has been very positive as I feel learning through doing is the most successful way of learning to teach – whilst also having the supportive safety net of an excellent mentor to help you to improve! It’s a bit like going on a year long lesson but with lots of fun along the way!

Good luck to anyone who chooses to learn to teach through the SCITT programme! Go for it!!