Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance

Ellie: My Supportive Network

"I am blessed to have such a supportive network around me and know I can ask anyone for guidance and receive an answer!"

Initially, I was slightly concerned as to what I had let myself in for; it had been a year of being out of a teaching environment and I was dubious as to whether I was ready to get stuck into it again. This time was different, however, as I was going to be the teacher (well, trainee!) rather than the assistant. From the first instance of working on the LTSA course I have been amazed at how supportive every single member of staff is and how they make you feel valuable on the course. My nerves were soon soothed by this as I knew I had a supportive team around me to support my progress throughout my training year.

My first term of school is soon to end; I cannot deny that I haven’t had my ups and downs, but overall, my experience has been invaluable. Not only have I been able to embed myself back into the educational environment – I have been able to visit a whole cohort of schools on my training days. The teachers/trainers at these schools have really helped to nurture and guide our hub through the most important (and possibly strenuous) year so far. The training days focus on a range of specialist topics weekly, including climate for learning, behaviour management and meeting needs in mainstream schools. I personally feel as those these days have been crucial to my personal development as a teacher as I have had the opportunity to meet some truly inspirational staff within the schools and take away new skills that I have been able to exhibit through my own practice.

The year so far has been a huge learning curve – and it has only just begun! I am blessed to have such a supportive network around me and know I can ask anyone for guidance and receive an answer! The PGCE aspect of the training is well structured – as theories are often included within the training days – therefore allowing us to meet with our university lecturers!

In terms of my own school, I felt I have found myself as a valued member of staff within the federation and have great mutual respect with my pupils and my fellow colleagues. I have been able to work closely with my focus group as part of my training and feel humbled at having the opportunity to motivate them through their lessons and encourage further progress. I have had the opportunity to plan my own lessons from scratch (cry when they don’t go to plan) and learn from my experiences. This has allowed me to reflect and see progression in my own work in  generating those better lessons and building up my confidence. I am excited for the next term and to see what happens next!