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Sophie: My first day of school

“If you can’t act, teach. If you can’t teach, teach primary.”

“If you can’t act, teach. If you can’t teach, teach primary.” No idea who said this but it was something my grandpa always loved to remind me of. It’s a good job I don’t have a Theatre degree and am currently a trainee primary school teacher… As I write this I can’t help to think I’m proving him wrong-although I might soon change my mind once I am formally observed, but that’s for a different blog!

Anyway, my name is Sophie and I am currently training at Sturton-by-Stow Primary school and what a great school it is! I don’t understand why 4 weeks ago I was so nervous to enter the staffroom. You really do feel a part of the family and as for the children- you have not seen happier children! On my first day they had so many questions about me and the year ahead.

My first month has strangely felt like I have always been there. I feel so supported and suited to that school, maybe because I actually went there and some of my teachers are now my colleagues or maybe because they all truly want the best for their children.

My first day included designing my classroom with my mentor and getting to know whose coffee mug is whose in the staff room! Although it is still strange having to say my old teacher’s first name instead of ‘Mrs…’ settling in was not as nerve-racking as I had built it up to be. All the staff really do believe and support you through everything. And the children in my class constantly give me reassurance as to why I am beginning my journey in teaching. There really is not a better feeling than standing in front of 30 children and seeing their faces when they understand what you’re teaching. As soon as you see that, heads go down and pens get moving. That is the feeling I want every day.

Thank you for reading and good luck to everyone else on my course!