Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance

Feedback From Participants

The presentation from Pam Curtis was excellent, being able to listen to how a very successful experienced leader...developed  her own vision through real life experience was invaluable.

Reflecting on leadership styles was helpful and enabled me to understand my default leadership setting.  Not only will this influence my school based task, but has already made me think about the decisions that I am currently making in my leadership role as I prepare to go on maternity leave.

I am amazed that I have heard colleagues (not in this cohort!)  call the courses a "box ticking" exercise - it is enriching and thought-provoking. I keep thinking about things I haven't thought about before and I am enjoying the newness of getting my head out of the Department box.

The course is well structured and the instruction very clear. I feel confident in what I am doing and whilst my School Improvement Project still feels a little nebulous having today means that I can formulate my action plan if only because of the inherent motivation in having a day out of school to think about something other than the usual day to day stuff.


I enjoyed the initial sharing of presentations regarding our final assignments this was reassuring and also useful. The interactivity of the sessions was positive and I liked the way that people were seated away from their colleagues so networking could occur. The pre learning tasks allowed me to keep abreast of the delivery of the subject content and I was happy with the understanding i gained about the leadership models. Some where moved through at pace but relevant literature was provided to review at a later day.

I've found the combination of theory, talking to others on a similar journey and listening to those who are already in post very inspiring - I'm already 'into' my school improvement plan and finding that 'little and often' is the key. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to prepare and present.


Andrew and Samantha were superb.  They keep everybody switched on by asking for contributions regularly and it was impressive that they knew every by name from the first minute of session one.

Became much more familiar with raise on line. Fred delivered really positively with insightful anecdotes ! Very well contextualised to our needs

Excellent and informative day. Thanks

A good range of valuable speakers. Fred delivered very well and a range of useful resources and references to support assignments. 

I had a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. Fred Morris puts across ideas succinctly and manages to set theoretical ideas into a real context. The speakers were well-chosen and interesting, giving perspectives across primary and secondary phases. As usual, there is much to ponder, to research and to put into practice.

The last two Face2Face days have felt very personalised with Fred having an awareness of our individual contexts. Everything has felt like it is connected to practicalities as well as theory.